New teacher and new video! Shahrzad and her Signature Tabla Solo – technique and choreography

Please welcome our new teacher – Shahrzad and her new video Signature Tabla Solo – technique and choreography!

In this video Shahrzad will be explaining the secrets of her signature shimmies and isolations and how she creates combinations for tabla solo. For each combination Shahrzad will first break down the technique and then piece by piece add it into a full choreography that you can use for practice or for performance.

In this video you will find:

  • Detailed explanation of each part of choreography.
  • Each part danced by count.
  • Each part danced with music.
  • Dance of full choreography with music.

Video length: 1:11:10
Choreography length: 2:53
Language: English
Difficulty level: Medium / Hard
Video production: Shahrzad

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