New teacher and new intensive course! Yulianna Voronina on Bellystream.TV.

July 19, 2022
In this intensive course you will find incendiary drum solo choreography in signature Yulianna’s style. It is a mix of several styles — bellydance and latino dance techniques. This intensive... Read more

New video! Shaabi choreography by Alesia Domasevich-Petrova

July 14, 2022
Shaaby is one of the most girly, full of emotions and, frankly, crazy styles, that you can dance and give the audience your flirting and happy mood. This choreography is interesting for its special... Read more

New video! Fusion choreography by Aliah

June 02, 2022
In this new amazing video from Aliah you will find very unusual choreography — mix of a few different dance styles: commercial dance, vogue and bellydance. In each part of this video Aliah explains... Read more

New video! Bellydance & Rumba combo by Alesia Domasevich-Petrova

March 06, 2022
Romantic music + soft movements give this combination very sensual and passionate mood. You will learn Fusion Bellydance + Rumba style with many juicy and unusual steps. While learning, you will... Read more

New video! Modern Khaleegy choreography by Aliah

February 07, 2022
In this new gorgeous video from Aliah you will find very feminine and soft choreography in modern Khaleegy style. This dance is filled with soft movements: plastic arms, elegant hair waves, hips. In... Read more

New video! Pharaonic Bellydance & tribal combo by Alesia Domasevich-Petrova

January 30, 2022
In this lesson you will learn Fusion Combination by Alesia with interesting and unusual technique based on mix of movements from the following styles: Bellydance, Tribal, Pharaonic, Locking, Vogue.... Read more

New video! Final episode of Level up course by Aliah

January 18, 2022
Welcome to the 15th and final video of the Level up! course for intermediate level by Aliah In this video Aliah gives you a lot of advances arms technique and 2 bombastic combinations which you can... Read more

New lesson uploaded to Intensive for beginners by Marta!

November 29, 2021
In the new lesson you will learn hip drop, twist shimmy in different directions – a lot of practice 🙂 Third part of choreography and we put all part together from the beginning. Read more

New video! Second part of Intensive for beginners by Marta Korzun

November 19, 2021
In this part you will learn new movements: Chest accent, hip accents from side to side using your muscles, up and down, chest circle, chu-chu shimmy. Second part of dance – detailed... Read more

New Intensive course for beginners from Marta Korzun

November 08, 2021
Welcome to the intensive course for beginners “from zero” from Marta Korzun! This intensive was created by Marta for those who had never tried bellydance before and want to give it a... Read more