Course for Beginners by Marta Korzun

Welcome to the course for beginners "from zero" from Marta Korzun!

Created by Marta Korzun
Last updated: December 23, 2021
Language: English


This course was created by Marta for those who had never tried bellydance before and want to give it a shot. It’s designed to make you able to perform your first dance in oriental dance style after it’s completion! You will learn basic bellydance movements and simple drum solo choreography on the song I Wanna DumTek by one of our teachers – Artem Uzunov (official website).

Course consists of 6 lessons.

Join the course and begin your bellydance journey with Marta.

Video production: Marta Korzun

Course structure

6 videos • 1h 27m total length
1. First part of our dance

In this video we learn two types of shimmy and also practice this movement from slow to fast temp. Basic positions for arms. Circle with shoulders. We learn how to walk beautifully in dance.

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2. Second part of our dance

In this part you will learn new movements: Chest accent, hip accents from side to side using your muscles, up and down, chest circle, chu-chu shimmy. Second part of dance – detailed explanation.

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3. Third part of our dance

Hip drop, twist shimmy in different directions – a lot of practice 🙂
Third part of choreography and we put all part together from the beginning

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4. Penultimate part

In this video you will learn part 4 of our dance along with some new movements:

  • shimmy with shoulders from slow to fast temp;
  • hip accent with a step in different directions;
  • wave (Camel);
  • beautiful movement with a hair.
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5. Final part

Only one new movement – cross turn. And now we repeat all part of our dance from beginning to the end and we put it all together. In the next part you will see the whole dance performed in costume!

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6. Bonus: full dance in costume

Bonus video with the full dance performed in a costume!

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