Rosalia is an international star, teacher and judge from Poland.

She is also a choreographer and cultural expert with master academic diplomas. Professional teacher, and multi awarded dancer in oriental and ballroom styles. Her fascination with oriental dances started in 2002 in Dubai and ever since she is developing herself and her style.

  • 6 times Polish Champion in Oriental Dance. One of the most titled dancers in the Europe.
  • 4th dancer in professional category on World Championships IDO.
  • Winner of many prestigious oriental festivals in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Norway Check Republic, Greece and lately Austria.
  • Star of the sixth edition of Polish Got Talent TV Show.
  • Founder, trainer and choreographer of the biggest Polish Belly Dance School Sihir. Her students won competitions all over the world (World Champions, European Champions, Winners of International Festivals)

Videos by Rosalia