Chronis Taxidis

Chronis Taxidis is a world famous musician. He started to show interest in Arabic percussion already at a very young age and as long as his origins are from the area of The Black Sea he was already familiar with the oriental rhythms.

Chronis Taxidis as a musician graduated from Arabian Music institute in Cairo. In 2005 he left behind years of detailed studies about arabic culture, history of music, musicology and studies of many instruments and etc. In fact, he has official diplomas in ” The Middle East and African rhythm section”, “Composing and Orchestration for arabic music ensemble”, “Professor of musicians for the Middle East and African percussion” and he personally plays almost all the percussion instruments, some of them are: Dof, Dohola, Reck and Sagat.

The first contact with bellydance world he had after the university with the legendary Egyptian musician for dancers and his teacher for the next 2 years Khamis Henkesh by name. This experience let Chronis Taxidis become also an efficient instructor for the bellydancers.



Chronis Taxidis is a highly skilled professional instructor for dancers in the following:

  • Live tabla solo improvisation (all levels – structure of improvisation, teaching dancers how to build right music structure for desired live performance with a musician, language between musician and dancer, meanings of different parts of music for dancers’ movements).
  • Live orchestra improvisation (rules of dancing with orchestra, instrument importance for a dancer, movement usage with different instruments, correct choreo structure on the music, composition structure for correct performance and etc.).
  • Sagat playing for a dancer level and professionals (if a dancer wants to enrich her individual performances).
  • Arab rhythmology, the history of music for dancers (a little part of musicology), traditions of music connected with music and dance performances and many other important studies for the dancers to improve their professional level.

Besides, Chronis Taxidis is the leader of a rising successful percussion orchestra  “Tabbal” created by him personally, he is also an author of professional bellydance music used by many important stars. Chronis Taxidis has successfully released 7 albums:

“Magical Destiny” (CD single) (2009)

“Forest Primal Beats & Tabla Stories” (2014)

”World Of Arabic Ryhtmology” (2016)

“Spirits” (2017)

”World Of Arabic Ryhtmology 2” (2018)

“Underworld” (2019)

“Follow Me And Dance” (2020)

Chronis Taxidis is a coauthor or involved in such big projects as study programs for the dancers “Sandra method” by Sandra – France, “Darbuka planet” by Simona Minisini – Italy and intensive courses by Berit  Aicha Vill – Estonia. He is an organizer of an amazing arabic music culture and dance concert “To Dance or not to Dance” in Greece and, of course, took part in a numerous workshops all around the world like Moscow (Russia), Nice ( France), Tallinn (Estonia), Ljubljana (Slovenia),  Pretoria (South Africa), Palmanova (Italy), Berlin ( Germany), Odessa (Ukraine) , Kiev (Ukraine) and others.

Videos by Chronis Taxidis