Drum solo intensive by Yulianna Voronina

Welcome to the recording of online drum solo intensive course by Yulianna Voronina

Created by Yulianna Voronina
Last updated: September 13, 2022
Language: English, Russian


In this intensive course you will find incendiary drum solo choreography in signature Yulianna’s style. It is a mix of several styles — bellydance and latino dance techniques. This intensive course consists of 7 parts, presented in 4 videos about 1h long each.

Every part of this choreography is very thoroughly descried and explained by Yulianna from both technical and emotional sides. That allows you not only to learn the movements, but, of course, work on each element in details and get a feel of the style.

Video production: Yulianna Voronina
Postproduction for Bellystrem.TV: Vladimir Kluchenkov.

Course structure

4 videos • 4h 5m total length
1. Parts 1&2

First two parts of the intensive. Introductions and first movements.

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2. Part 3

Third part of the intensive course.

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3. Parts 4&5
1h 4m

Parts 4&5 of the intensive course.

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4. Parts 6&7
1h 4m

Final two parts of this online intensive.

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